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The Painted Lady

They rescue the boy but in the process make a grim discovery - a frozen corpse Not earth shattering but happy enough to spend a few hours of an annoying convalescence listening to it. Good narration though. A fine detective romp, set in the late 's. Some nice twists and turns and red herrings, and a very pleasant, easy listen. Uninspiring characters, difficult to feel much sympathy for them.

The story has been told ten thousand times before. Excellent narration, perfectly judged. Pedestrian, but inoffensive. I apologise for the title but what can one say when it's the perfect word for a reading experience. The characters are rather two dimensional - I never really felt a meaningful connection with any of them.

The Frost Fair (Christopher Redmayne Mysteries) (Christopher Redmayne series)

The main protagonist, Christopher Redmayne is not only an implausible detective, he is implausible romantic hero. He is bland, his lady-love is dull and even the villains are unthreatening and less than interesting. Having said that, the plot was entertaining enough, in a light way and was the reason why I kept going to the end. I should also give credit to the narrator here, too, whose skill probably made the plot and dialogue more interesting.

I doubt much research was needed to make this novel sound plausible - you could possibly cut and past most of the description of clothing and put this in any era. If you want an unchallenging read that might be an antidote to a stressful day then this is the perfect choice.

The Frost Fair [Review] - Smiling Shelves

By: Edward Marston. Narrated by: Glen McCready.

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Length: 10 hrs and 45 mins. Buy the paperback from Amazon. Buy the Kindle Edition from Amazon. When aspiring young architect, Christopher Redmayne, attends a party to celebrate the opening of a building he designed, one of the guests, a Member of Parliament, is shot as he leaves. As he seeks the killer, Christopher is plunged into a world of political corruption and conspiracy. Aided by Puritan constable, Jonathan Bale, he makes progress in the investigation until he himself is stalked by a killer. Christopher's dissolute brother, Henry, has to be involved because of his knowledge of political factions, but he proves to be a positive menace when he decides to seduce the daughter of Sir Julius Cheever MP.

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Christopher believes that Sir Julius was, in fact, the intended murder victim and that the other MP died by mistake in his place. Full of incident, danger, skulduggery and comic invention, The Parliament House is the fifth in the Redmayne series.

The Frost Fair

Like its predecessors, it is a riotous Restoration romp. When the River Thames is frozen solid, a frost fair is held on its broad back.