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  1. 10 of the largest oil spills in history
  2. Top 10 Worst Oil Spills
  3. The Biggest Oil Spills in History – Foreign Policy
  4. Photos: The 11 worst oil spills in history
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10 of the largest oil spills in history

The Iraqi soldiers were also trying to block American forces from landing by dumping oil from tankers and opening offshore terminal valves. In the strike, two of the oil tankers were badly destroyed resulting in biggest oil spill ever. More than million gallons of oil was estimated to have been released into the Persian Gulf. The oil slick was about 4 inches stretching across 4, square miles causing the suffering of hundreds of marine creatures and wildlife. Deepwater Horizon.

The deepwater horizon regards the Gulf of Mexico Oil spill, which took place in April, It revealed the disastrous effects of oil pollution. The disaster took place when a deep sea oil gusher resulted in a deepwater explosion. The accidental explosion claimed the lives of 11 men working at the station and the spill continued for more than three months accounting for a spill of about 2. As the sill continued, it spread over miles killing hundreds of marine life and birds.

Top 10 Worst Oil Spills

On top of that, the long-term implications of the 1. Ixtoc 1 Oil Spill. It was caused by an offshore well spill due to a blowout that resulted in the collapse of the drilling rig. Pemex, a Mexican state petroleum company, was responsible for the spill. The consequences of the oil spill went on several years after flow was stopped. The oil gushed out of the offshore well at a rate of 10, to 30, barrels a day. The oil flow continued until when it was stopped leading to a cumulative spill of nearly million gallons.

A return to the Gulf Coast five years after the BP oil spill

The Atlantic Empress Oil Spill. This oil spill was witnessed off the cost of Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies, on a stormy evening in July A Greek oil tanker amidst a tropical storm collided with an Aegean ship. Damaged by the accident, the two supertankers started leaking oil and continued to discharge oil into the ocean while it was being hauled. In the process, one of the tankers caught fire before reaching the shore killing 26 crew and releasing more oil into the ocean. The spill amounted to approximately 90 million gallons of oil leak into the ocean.

Kolva River Oil Spill. Kolvia River oil spill in Russia took place in August, due to a poorly maintained pipeline. Eight months before the spill, the pipeline had been slowly discharging oil but a dike prevented it from releasing it.

The Biggest Oil Spills in History – Foreign Policy

On August 6 th , sudden cold weather lead to the crumpling of the dike discharging up to 84 million gallons of accumulated oil. The released oil spread covering over acres of streams and fragile wetlands. The damage to biodiversity and aquatic systems in the area was devastating.

Nowruz Oil Field Spill. In February , the Persian Gulf in Iran suffered an oil spill tragedy after a tanker collided with an oil platform. Upon the impact of the platform, it collapsed releasing oil into the Persian Gulf. Efforts to stop the leak were delayed and proved difficult due to the war that was ongoing between Iran and Iraq. All told, a minimum of 4 million barrels were poured into the Persian Gulf.

Within a couple of years however, experts happily reported that the biggest oil spill in history had a surprisingly small environmental impact.

How does the Exxon Valdez oil spill compare?

How it happened: This exploratory oil well suffered a catastrophic blowout whereby pressure causes the well to explode , caught fire, and caused the drilling platform to collapse. For months, 10, to 30, barrels of oil gushed into the ocean every day. How it happened: Two fully loaded oil carriers, the Atlantic Empress and the Aegean Captain, collided 10 miles off the coast of Trinidad and Tobago during a tropical rainstorm. Both ships caught fire and began leaking their contents in what would become the largest tanker-based spill ever recorded.

How it happened: During the height of the Iran-Iraq War, an oil tanker hit the N owruz Field Platform in the gulf and knocked it onto a 45 degree angle, damaging the well underneath.

Photos: The 11 worst oil spills in history

The resulting leak of 1, barrels a day could not be capped for months because the platform was under constant attack by Iraqi planes. The ABT Summer, a tanker holding , tons of crude, suffered an explosion miles off the coast of Angola.